Benefits for Golf Venues

Benefits for Golf VenuesLeaderboards of America point-of-presence branding solutions provide an extensive array of benefits to all types of golf venues.

  • $35,000 - $50,000 leaderboard provided at no cost to your club.
  • No risk/no cost vehicle that is proven to increase annual incremental revenue through LBA’s sponsorship program.
  • Your leaderboard can function as a professional scoring system for all types of tournaments as well as a message board to inform, and communicate to patrons about upcoming club special events and social activities.
  • Free branding for your golf club through LBA’s Reward Card Program.
  • Sponsors will build long-term relationships with your golf club.
  • LBA’s leaderboard will be an elegant addition and capital improvement for your golf club.
  • Leaderboard branding is a win-win for both your golf course and your sponsor/customer.
  • LBA will provide your golf club with a leaderboard that:
    • will be designed to meet the needs of your golf club.
    • will be maintained and managed by LBA and sponsor logos will be etched in granite*. It has an attractive & professional appearance that will enhance your club’s venue.
  • will impact revenues in all areas of your facility.

* LBA will maintain the scoreboard structure and sponsors. The golf club will be responsible for general grounds maintenance under and around the scoreboard.

Benefits for Sponsors

Benefits for SponsorsLeaderboards of America scoreboard point-of-presence advertising solutions provide an extensive array of benefits to all types of businesses and organizations.

  • Highly effective, eye-catching designs are customized to capture your target audience.
  • Leaderboard sponsorships delivers constant repetition to new and returning audiences, every day of the year, resulting in 100,000+ impressions per year!
  • Golfers are a growing audience. With 26 million golfers today, golf is the fastest growing sport in America.
  • Golfers represent a well-defined and highly valued demographic. Over 40 percent of golfers have annual household incomes in excess of $100,000 - 83 percent are professionals or managers.
  • Your brand image is enhanced through an effective message that is presented in a professional and attractive scoreboard.
  • Industry exclusivity options allow you to effectively limit sponsorships with your competition.
  • Formats are available to deliver results for a wide range of requirements.
  • All solutions represent unmatched value. Leaderboard advertising is always visible and cost a fraction compared to print, radio or television.
  • LBA’s leaderboard solutions provide you with FREE golf to pass along to your best customers and prospects!
  • LBA’s Reward Card program provides an opportunity to reward your customers and prospects with discounts and other promotions at your sponsored golf venue.